Our own little piece of France

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We’re on our way to owning a little piece of France.

We’ve found a house – and had our offer accepted.  The house is in a small village in the picturesque Kochersberg area,  just 12 km (7.5 miles) from Strasbourg.  With lush open fields and plenty of fresh air, the village has a population of just 801 (!)

Since it’s so much closer to Strasbourg, has more land and is in the sought-after Kochersberg area, this house is actually better than the one we mentioned on Monday.  Clearly, everything happens for a reason.

Don’t have any pictures as yet, as we didn’t want the vendor to think that we were counting our chickens before they’d hatched.  However, as of tomorrow the vendors will have moved out, so we can go back and take as many photos as we want.

Stay tuned…

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