Dream house – nightmare commute

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We’ve found a house that is:

a) within our (very small) budget,

b) isn’t the size of a rabbit hutch,

c) doesn’t require spending mega-money to make it habitable.

It’s a great place. An original design, modern though built in an Alsace house style.  130 square metres, decent sized bedrooms, a huge basement and a modest but low-maintenance garden.  It’s in Wingersheim, an unbelievably pretty village North-East from Strasbourg.  Extremely picturesque and quiet. Fields and vineyards abound.

That’s the good news…

The bad news is that Wingersheim is over 25 Km (15 miles) from Strasbourg, which could mean a 45-60 minute commute to the office each day.  The house is also opposite a building which, for two weeks of the year, dries hops (you know, as in the things for making beer?) 24/7.

Dream house or not, we have to be realistic.  Would we put up with such a commute each day? That adds up to 500 Km (300 miles) a month – for two cars – just to get to work.  After being spoilt with a 7 minute commute currently (and that we’re sure that we can find somewhere closer to the city, even if it’s not as nice) it’s enough to have us reconsider. Gee was suffering a 45 minute commute when he was in London – and he’s reluctant to go back to that.

Oh well.  Back to scouring the classifieds….. 🙁

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